bouba landrille tchouda

dancer – choreographer & artistic director

As for a lot of hip-hop dancers, he starts his self-taught  aprenticeship. In 1995, he decides to found the Aca company in Saint Martin d’Hères with Habib Adel, dancer of the same generation. Their first show presented in 1996, within the framework of  « Rencontres Danse Ville Danse » in Paris, allows them to become a role model in hip-hop dance in the Rhône-Alpes area. Nourished by  urban and world cultures he grew up with, Bouba Landrille Tchouda examines dance from a vast number of angles, hip-hop , capoeira, contemporary dance. His mixed career path, made of original meetings/encounters, feeds his unlimited  investigations of dance language possibilities, trying to push its limits, to break through mankind  barriers. He collaborates  with artists of various  aesthetics  such as the Accrorap company as dancer-choreographer, or Jean-Claude Gallotta with whom he creates the SMH duo. He belongs to dancers-choreographers  from hip-hop movement who has been able to develop a singular  contemporary choreographic writing. National and international tours he is going on allowed him today to position himself as a choreographer beyond borders.



Comme pour beaucoup de danseurs hip-hop, son apprentissage démarre de manière autodidacte. En 1995, il décide de fonder la compagnie Aca à Saint-Martin-d’Hères, avec Habib Adel, danseur de la même génération. Leur première création, présentée en 1996 dans le cadre des Rencontres Danse Ville Danse à Paris, leur permet de devenir une compagnie de référence en matière de danse hip hop dans la région Rhône-Alpes.

In 2001, he founds the Malka company and will create, in association with La Rampe-Echirolles, stage government-regulated for dance, the shows Malandragem, Des Mots, Regarde-moi, Meia Lua, French-Brazilian show produced within the framework of French year in Brazil, Murmures with the support  of the Th éâtre National de Chaillot and presented among others to the Biennale de la Dance of Lyon in 2012.

During his residency in Château Rouge-Annemasse, stage government-regulated for new writings of body and speech, he creates in 2012 a vigorous and colored Casse-Noisette. In 2014 he undertakes the artistic direction of the triptych named La preuve par l’autre, elaborated in association with the choreographers Anne Nguyen and Farid Berki, other  great figures of the hip-hop stage. More recently, he creates Skin – Sous la peau, dans la chair- a duo with Guy Van Nueten, pianist music writer form Anvers, a meeting of plural- toned voices, musical, generational, cultural.

In 2015, he is honoured for outstanding achievement in the arts (« Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres » in French).

His recent show Boomerang has been created and presented this fall, within the framework of the Maison de la Dance in Lyon programm in which he is an associated artist during the 2016/2017 season.


In another context, Bernard Kudlak, artistic director of le Cirque Plume invited Bouba to choreograph several moments of his next creation scheduled  for Spring 2017, La dernière saison (Last season).