J’ai pas toujours dansé comme ça

(I’ve not always danced this way)

1 dancer on stage – created in 2019

Bouba Landrille Tchouda reveals himself like never before in “J’ai pas toujours dansé comme ça” (lit. “I’ve Not Always Danced This Way”). Looking back at his own story, the choreographer paints a sensible self-portrait telling the tale of the journey he has undergone from the day when, a little boy, he arrived in a very cold France. It was November 26th, 1985, and he was 7.

A moment of reflection and explanation, “J’ai pas toujours dansé comme ça » is also a time of dance. It reads like a manual of Bouba’s art: how he started with hip-hop and gradually found other influences in the people he met throughout his life.

“Dancing has allowed me the overcome what I thought I would never. Dancing has been my way of understanding the others, of hoping and believing, of living. And when I am in Rio de Janeiro or Barcelona, I like to remind everyone that my dance was born in la Villeneuve in the streets of Grenoble some twenty years ago.”

Bouba Landrille Tchouda


choreographer bouba landrille tchouda / with bouba landrille tchouda / with the help of nasser djemaï / lights & scenography fabrice crouzet / sound and light management bouba landrille tchouda

production compagnie malka
we would like to thank CLC Eybens – L’autre Rive /  MC2 Grenoble – Scène Nationale de Grenoble

2023 tour dates

March 3rd
Cultur(r)al, Sallanches (73)

April 5th and 6th
OCA, Bonneville (74)

April 7th
Théâtre Municipal, Morteau (25)

September 30th – 6:30pm
Espace 600 – Grenoble (38)

October 2nd – 10:30am and 2pm
Espace 600 – Grenoble (38)

October 14th
Salle Michel Simon – Lancy (Switzerland)


2022 tour dates

January 24th, 26th and 27th
Espace René Proby, Saint-Martin d’Hères (38)

January 25th
Salle des fêtes, Corps (38) – as part of the Residency in Matheysine

January 31st and February 9th
La Mure Cinéma-Théâtre, La Mure (38) – as part of the Residency in Matheysine

February 11th
Théâtre des Allos, Cluses (74)

January 28th, March 3rd and 4th
Tour in schools organized by Théâtre Rive Gauche, Saint-Etienne du Rouvray (76)

March 7th, 8th and 9th
Tour in schools and hospitals organized by Théâtre des Quartier d’Ivry, Ivry (91)

April 9th
Théâtre de Nyons (26), as part of Festival Danse au fil d’avril

May 9th, 10th and 13th
Tour as part of Festival Dansez Jeunesses, Cayenne (973)

November 30th
L’Encre, EPCC de Guyane, Cayenne (973), as part of Festival Danses Métisses