Des air(e)s d’anges

(Angel Airs)

2 dancers, 1 circassian and 1 live musician on stage – created in 2018

In the beginning there was nothing. No earth, no sky, no water, no plants, no stars. There were only… them!

Hardly do we know where we come from, stardust or clay, it remains a mystery in a chaotic world. Some think we fell from above, some declare we grew from below, half-angels and half-demons, half-trees and half-clouds. That may be the reason why humans keep on tearing one another apart, ripping feathers away, mingling and weeding out at the same time. That may be the reason why each human relentlessly looks for his other half he long lost somewhere in the midst of dreamy nights. But no one can achieve being themselves and uniting with the other at the same time, as all is but breaking apart and language is no remedy. Words alas are sand, and talk is wind. Fortunately, art can sometimes reunite.

They, they three we see and who appear to come from a big nameless void, three people looking uneasy with their own selves but who are moving under the magic of notes and overflow of rhythms made by an uncertain musician, what are they? Where do they come from? What do they do?

Sat on the big bench of life, they try to unite their destinies in the flesh and blood of fraternity. They are not able to, in their clumsiness. But even though they do not have words, they providentially have bodies and invent what dance is, using a few angel feathers as their light for the time of a show. Then they will go back, perhaps at peace, some alone and some together, to their chaos of stars. A chaos we all come from and we all have to go back to, when time and tide lead us there.


choreographer bouba landrille tchouda /with razy essid, noah mgbélé timothée, thomas pavon / composer and live musician  yvan talbot / playwright guy boley / scenographer rodrigue glombard / light manager fabrice crouzet / costumes claude murgia / diffusion mitiki – bertrand guerry

producer Compagnie Malka

coproducters  Le Grand Angle, Voiron / Le Théâtre d’Aurillac / La Coloc’ de la culture, Cournon d’Auvergne

with the support of CDCN Le Pacifique, Grenoble / ADAMI and SPEDIDAM

we would like to thank La Rampe, Echirolles / le Théâtre Municipal, Grenoble

2021 tour dates

April 2nd
Espace Culturel Boris Vian – Les Ulis  (91) – as part of Rencontres Essonne Danse 2021 

May 28th
Théâtre Municipal – Vienne (38)

2020 tour dates

January 24th
La Coloc’ de la Culture – Cournon d’Auvergne (63)

February 4th
Forum Meyrin – Geneva (Switzerland)

April 11th (cancelled due to COVID)
Le Train-Théâtre -Portes-lès-Valence ( 26) as part of Festival danse au fil d’avril

2019 tour dates

February 12th
Château Rouge – Annemasse (74)

February 13th
Château Rouge – Annemasse (74)

April 5th
Festival les arts allumés – La Frette (38)

From July 8th to 21st
La Manufacture – Avignon (84), as part of Festival Off

October 17th
Théâtre Le Rive Gauche -Saint-Etienne du Rouvray (76)

November 21st and 22nd
Le Grand Angle -Voiron (38)


2018 tour dates

October 16th
Maison des Arts du Léman – Thonon-les-bains (74)

October 26th
Théâtre d’Aurillac (15), as part of Festival Karavel